This app was developed to follow the pre and post operative phases of a patient undergoing bariatric surgery.
Tips, recipes, appointment reminders and medication are some of the features that will help the patient to rigorously fulfill all pre and post surgical procedures, always aiming for the best recovery.
The application counts the weeks that have passed since the surgery, being able to detect in which of the phases the patient is, which allows, through notifications, to inform the user that there are new contents in the app concerning the new phase.
It also facilitates communication between doctors and patients, allowing to send test results and medication changes, updating of relevant information, among others, through the backoffice.

App develop with:
Jéssica Camacho (Designer) + Kevin Dias & Amadeu Real (Mobile Developers)

Date: 2016
Created at: PGS Life Sciences
Client: Johnson & Johnson Portugal
Resources: Ps / Ai
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