Gridfolio is an application developed for university students whose future is constantly being built. With this app the student registers the projects and events in which he was involved during his academic journey and that he finds relevant for his professional carreer. It's a perfect match between a portfolio and a curriculum on just one platform.
The grid is the brand image of the application and the five colors represent the different categories that the user can register in the app. The user can see the existing events in the city and choose in which ones he want to participate.
This project was a Mobile Computing Competition organized by AETTUA and IEEE student branch in University of Aveiro.

Project develop with:
Filipa Lopes & Daniela Silva (Designers) + Alexandre Brigeiro, Luís Oliveira and Tiago Oliveira (Mobile Developers)

Date: 2013
Created at: University of Aveiro
Client: UAXD40
Resources: Ps / Ai
Single Project
Single Project
Single Project